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Hi I’m Nat. I’m an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Instructor, foodie, yogi, lover of all things outdoors and a gal on a mission to empower my fellow lady friends to love the skin you’re in, starting exactly where you are, right now. I want to show you how to treat your body with respect, love, and kindness. I’m a firm believer in a holistic approach to health. I believe the foods we eat, how we move, how well we sleep and how we manage our stress all play a crucial role in creating an optimally functioning body and mind.

I believe that the foundation of good nutrition is focusing on consuming unprocessed, nutrient dense, real food and avoiding ingredients that our bodies don’t recognise. I don’t believe in dietary dogma. Except for JERF (Just Eat Real Food), I will happily slap that label to my food philosophy.

I also believe that we are all different and therefore each individual’s “optimal diet” may not look the same. This is largely dependant on your current state of health, lifestyle and goals. The aim of my nutrition care is to get to the root cause of your symptoms instead of using a ‘band-aid solution’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. This allows your experience to be a long-lasting, fulfilling journey to optimising your health, happiness and well-being.

My mission in life is to have you realise the power in eating real food and to promote body love at whatever “healthy” looks like for YOU. So don’t waste any more time self-hating, yo-yo dieting, or waiting for your hormones to balance themselves. Contact me! Let us start that journey together today.

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